LOUGH RAMOR - Lakeland Marine and Tackle

lough ramor is the biggest lake in this area covering an area of 800 hectares,it is an excellent course venue and it regually produces large catches of skimmers,roach,hybrids and some big bream and perch.feeder waggler and pole fishing all produce excellent results.

lough ramor is one of the areas top piking venues.large pike are a feature of the lake and many 20lb fish are recorded annually and a number of pike in excess of over 30lb have also been taken here.


LACKEN LAKE - Lakeland Marine and Tackle

lacken lakes cover an area of 100 hectares.the fishery holds good stocks of bream,roach,rudd,hybrids and perch.

it also stocks small to medium sized pike but larger pike in excess of 20lb have been recorded.best results are achieved from a boat but deadbait techniques work well from the stands on the ballyjamesduff road. 


LISGREY LAKE - Lakeland Marine and Tackle

situated approx 4 km north west of virginia it covers an area of 4 hectares.

there are a number of fishing stands on the southern shoreline. The lake holds a good stock of bream to specimum size and a smaller stock of roach-bream hybrids.

Lisgrey also holds tench and perch and small to medium size pike.


GALLON LOUGHS - Lakeland Marine and Tackle

consists of gallon lake to the north and Dargans lake to the south 6km north of Virginia.

the lake holds a good stock of bream and roach bream hybrids to specimen size.

there are fishing stands on the eastern shoreline and the northwestern corner has a good shoreline.there is a car park on southern end of the lake. 


MULLAGH LAKE - Lakeland Marine and Tackle

located 2km west of the village of mullagh covers an area of 33hectares,

a popular pike fishing venue and holds good stocks of pike,bream and roach.

best access is from the virginia road where adequate parking is available.

an accessible stand at this venue and slipway to launch boats.